OneStream 5.2’s big tenth

Yr. Obt. Svt.’s Take

OneStream XF 5.2 (henceforth plain old 5.2) is both awesome and odd.

Let’s get the odd out of the way as it’s just my opinion: this should have been version 6.0, not 5.2; there’s an awful lot of stuff here, much of it a huge extension of the product. Why something with roughly five new and frankly huge features isn’t worthy of a more exciting description than a dot release is beyond this geek’s ken and is a mystery best answered by inscrutable marketers and product managers.

Whatever the reason – possibly because it’s the product of Midwestern modesty – what 5.2 brings to the table is just enormous. Here are the highlights:

  • BI Blend
  • BI Viewer and Dashboards
  • Pivot Grid (Standard and Large)
  • Table Views

We’re talking new UI components (big ones including a new dashboarding feature), new engines (Merciful Creator, again, how can this be a dot release?), new connections, a new API, and a bunch of other features. This is a big, big, big release. This blog post can only cover the highlights – subsequent posts will try to review each feature in turn.

With that, let’s begin looking at these