2 thoughts on “A n00b’s OneStream Journey No. 2.1 — Building dimensions manually

  1. Hi Cameron,

    You mentioned above: “Speaking of later, when I cover deletions there’s an important consideration when deleting members above leaf. Can you think of what that might be and how OSXF might differ from other tools in that regard? Send your questions care of this post’s reader comments section.”

    Does it not delete the leaf members? Do they become orphans?

    1. Joao,

      Take a look at this post: http://thetruthaboutcpm.com/2017/11/20/a-n00bs-onestream-journey-no-2-3-building-deletions-in-dimensions/

      What happens is: you must first delete the parent/child relationship (children become orphans) and *then* delete the parent member(s). XF will not allow a direct deletion of parent members because that could (and likely would) remove child members and their data values.

      For someone from the Planning/Essbase world it is a different concept but once you think about it, it makes a lot more sense than potential “ghost data” in BSO stored dimensions or “it’s all completely gone so there’s no data” in ASO. Seriously, I’ve totally shot myself in the foot with accidentally deleting parent members (oh sure, you only do it once, but that once can be really painful) and losing all of the data and that isn’t possible in XF, putting aside all of the data management functions (like auditing) that I haven’t covered yet. XF really is an intriguing tool.



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