Oracle OpenWorld 2019 presentations, free as in beer


You, Gentle Reader, are one of three sorts when it comes to reading this blog:

  1. You didn’t get to go to OpenWorld for a variety of reasons, but sure wish you had.
  2. You did go to OpenWorld but didn’t attend every session you wanted to go to/you did attend each and every session you wanted to but were too sleepy/hungover/overwhelmed to remember.  I might have fallen into the latter category.
  3. You really meant to learn all about cars at and unintentionally typed in “cpm” instead of “cars”. A sort-of understandable mistake. I fully expect you to stop reading although of course you’re welcome to carry on.

Whatever your reason (unless you’re in the third group and don’t have a sense of curiosity), this post is for you. And for once it’s short and sweet.

NB – Actually, no, there’s a fourth that ended up here but pretty much wished it was anywhere else in the world wide web. Fie to you, I say!

And heeeeeereeeee they are!

Here’s the link to the publicly available OOW 2019 EPM presentations.

Roadmaps, emerging technology, customer success stories, everything — it’s all there.  It isn’t quite like being there but as I got about four hours of sleep per night while there, perhaps those who attended are better off in a way.  For sure they’re less sleep deprived.

As an aside, the link above is the result of searching for “epm” (despite the name of this blog, I wouldn’t reckon “cpm” returns much but I haven’t actually tried it) but as OOW is huge and vast and enormous and…you get the idea…there’s a lot more content out there.

Try it, you’ll like it.

A short note

Under the theory of “Two is one and one is none” I downloaded each and every one of these EPM presentations.

Be seeing you.

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