Kscope19 live blog, Day 3 — Starts out with such promise, ends disappointing everyone

Hah! Gotcha!

That has to be the click-baitiest bit o’ nonsense I’ve ever written. Ever and for me with over 10 years of blogging that’s saying something. I’m not talking about Kscope or ODTUG or Oracle. Instead, I am (of course) talking about me. Totes obvs. Why disappointing? ‘Cos I said I would live blog and I seem to be sort of, kind of, completely not doing just that and am instead lagging a day behind. Whoops. You can always follow my insanity on Twitter where I can get stuff out much more quickly.

As an aside, it has been pointed out to me that all of this is available on the Kscope app and that’s absolutely true. Think of this as my way of getting the product roadmaps and announcements out to world+dog.

What Cameron, what are you doing and how are you going to do it? Beats me but if you figure it out, send me a comment care of this blog.

I am again going to post a series of screenshots that highlight the really important announcements Oracle have made at Kscope. (As an aside: really, if you can swing it in any way, manner, shape, or form to come to Kscope2020 in Boston, Mass. you really ought to as this sort of blog is only giving you a smattering of what’s going on. There, I’ve performed my inarticulate best to sell Kscope. Dear ODTUG, I’ll take my payment in unmarked used twenties stuffed in a manila envelope at the corner of 6th & Pike sometime today. Hah! Clickbait again! I’m getting (not)good at this. I’m certainly enjoying it.)

On the agonizingly slow refreshingly tolerable flight across the country to get home I’m going to do my best to summarize and reflect upon all of the announcements in the conference but that comes later.

For now, here’s yesterday in pictures. I tried to post this in the order in which I took them but I’ve almost certainly jumbled up the sequences. Sorry, but it was a lot.

Oh yeah, apologies for the blurriness of the snapshots. Perhaps it’s time to get that new phone and let my iPhone 6 shuffle off this mortal coil. Or learn how to take pictures. Or both.

EPM Cloud past, present, and future

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7274.JPG

Data Management past, present, and future

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7273.JPG

Functional architecture

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7218.JPG

What is the cloud service?

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7219.JPG

The skus have changed:

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7220.JPG

What’s in the Standard Cloud

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7222.JPG

What’s in Enterprise Cloud

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7223.JPG

Database comparison

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7205.JPG

Yeah, we have to learn Groovy

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7206.JPG

Project utilization

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7207.JPG

Period13 comes a-knockin’

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7208.JPG


C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7209.JPG

Lease assets (this is for you consolidations chaps – I’ve got no idea what any of this means )

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7211.JPG

What’s coming in Projects

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7212.JPG


C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7213.JPG

What’s coming in Strategic Modelling

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7214.JPG

Please predict what I’m going to wear today and if I’ll have clean underwear and socks. And if I’m going down that TMI path.

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7215.JPG

Coming in Planning – sorry, I suck at focusing an auto-focus camera

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7216.JPG

Close in Standard Cloud

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7230.JPG

How many cubes does it take to get to the middle of a cloud planning app

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7229.JPG

Enterprise SKU

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7228.JPG

What’s in Enterprise Cloud Planning

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7227.JPG

What’s there in Standard Cloud

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7226.JPG


C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7225.JPG

Free Form Planning aka “Essbase SaaS plus forms”

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7252.JPG


C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7250.JPG

Grids are better than ever

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7247.JPG


C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7246.JPG


C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7245.JPG


C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7244.JPG

More UI

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7243.JPG

How does one get there?

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7240.JPG

Financial Close

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7239.JPG

Migration Planning

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7238.JPG

If you like your old E/PBCS, you can keep your old E/PBCS

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7237.JPG

Cloud reporting

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7260.JPG


C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7258.JPG

Rest API and Groovy

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7257.JPG

Member Reference

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7256.JPG

Migration across pods

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7255.JPG

Data mapping and Smart Push

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7254.JPG

Give me a slice of pie

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7253.JPG

Glenn, Jason, Kyle, and Tim aka the Smart Ones at the Essbase Lunch n’ Learn

Yr. Obt. Svt. was honored to be the microphone monkey.

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7278.JPG

EPM Task Manager

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7272.JPG

IPA but not the beer

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7271.JPG

Chatty Cathy

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7270.JPG

Let’s have a 3rd machine learning party

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7269.JPG

Predict if I’ll ever end this blog post. Nope, you can’t do it can you.

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7263.JPG

Report me to the authorities

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7261.JPG

Cloud reporting framework

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7260.JPG

Smart View

C:\Tempdir\Conferences\Kscope\ODTUG 2019\IMG_7257.JPG

Whew. Was that enough new for you? It should be.

Be seeing you.


5 thoughts on “Kscope19 live blog, Day 3 — Starts out with such promise, ends disappointing everyone

  1. Thank you, that was really good for the poor shmucks stuck at home! Maybe next year, Boston is easier to reach from this side of the pond…

  2. How is it that the Planning slide is ironically the most blurry photo you took?

    Thanks for the updates.

    1. What are the chances? Happily I don’t make my living as a professional photographer. I’m working on an overview post. Perhaps with luck I’ll be able to read it myself.

  3. Hi Cameron – what did you hear, if anything about Financial Reporting Studio, on-premise? Some rumors going around that this is going away in 11.2. Thanks.

    1. John,

      FR is still there in on-premises but is feature frozen. In the cloud, Management (Narrative? I can’t remember but it’s one tool.) Reporting is the way forward for all reporting needs.


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