How hard could this possibly be or upgrading to 5.2

How hard could this possibly be?

Those who know me – a vanishingly small group, becoming smaller day by day – know that I can barely spell “infrastructure”. It simply isn’t my métier and because of that, I dread any shape, manner, or form of installation. Also, I suck at it.

But, needs must when the Devil drives and as noted by Yr. Obt. Svt., OneStream 5.2 is upon us. As I have 5.1 (installed, yes, but with my Younger Taller and OMG Smarter And Subjectively (eh, quite likely) Better Looking Brother From Completely Different Parents as guide), it is time to grasp the nettle and upgrade my instance all by my lonesome.

Join me, won’t you?

NB – This is not any kind of install a customer should do. Ever. And you could really just read the docs (how on earth do you think I’m doing this?) but if an infrastructure incompetent can do it, surely you can too so enjoy the madness.

It’s just one page, so really how could this possibly be hard?

Yep, just the one page in the install doc:

  1. Install Application Servers
  2. Install Web Servers
  3. Create Database Schemas and Connection Strings
  4. Configure

A n00b’s OneStream Journey No. 1 – Dr OneStream or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Infrastructure

Infrastructure and Me

Yr. Evr. Lyl. & Fthfl. Svt. and infrastructure have a relationship: I must be able to install the software I work with else I take up ditch digging and yet at the same time I’m pretty dire at it and I hate it. Do I hate it because I’m bad at it or am I bad at it because I hate it? Does the reason even matter? It’s complicated.

However, I’ve moved on to a new CPM platform so perhaps things will be better. I was told this week that anyone (the actual example was: anything aka a can of soda pop) can install. And yet I know that installing Office 2016 just the way I wanted literally took me a weekend. Talk about complicated.

And yet, and yet…a new release of OneStream came out on the 18th of October and by the 19th of the same month and year I simply had to have it, cf. my aversion to manual trench excavation. Buoyed by what might be wildly misplaced optimism on my part, I decided to try the 4.1 to 4.2 install. How hard could it be? After all, the upgrade instructions