This blog’s introduction


Some (many?) of you know me from Another Technology World. Fortunate new readers have absolutely no idea who I am. Lucky you but now, as you’re reading this blog, you will. Sorry. Regardless of who you are and how much you know about me, know that I’ve moved on to a new world (blog world that is) and you’re reading it right now.

As the saying goes, my name is Cameron Lackpour, I’m from OneStream Software, and I’m here to help.

The name of this blog is The Truth About CPM, and it’s here to help, too.

Can it be Cameron? Can it?

Without beating about the bush, I practised in the Oracle Essbase/Planning/ODI world for more years than I really care to remember. 1994 doesn’t seem all that long ago but I’ve had conversations with many who look at me aghast when they figure out how long that’s been till date: for those of you who struggle with math, that’s 24 years and counting as of this writing. In technology terms, that’s several lifetimes. It was, and has been, time for me to move on and I have, to OneStream Software.

As I noted before, you may be hearing pins drop. But it’s true, I promise you that.

The ground rules

As I’ve done in the past, I’m going to write about technology, problems, and how the former fixes the latter. I’ve been told that I have a…unique style. Or something. I certainly have a voice (ooh, if only my Faulkner professors would read this), and definitely have a point of view. With that, here’s what this blog will and won’t be.

The will


Knowledge sharing is the only point to this blog for you or for me. I’m new to OneStream XF (I’m going to have to either learn how to type faster or just use “OSXF”) and the thrust of this blog in its early days will be a journey of discovery aka “How do I do X to make Y happen and why?”. Over time, the content will become more advanced. For those experienced in the product, try not to laugh too much at the n00b. For those of you who are n00bies like me, this ought to be fun and together we’ll become grizzled members of the Old Guard.


Imparting technical information can be an exercise in dry, Gobi desert dry. Ugh. If it’s boring for you, imagine what it’s like for the writer. I’ve been serious, and I’ve been funny(ish), and funny is better. Think of this as your favorite professor in school (no, not the one that never showed up to class and gave you an “A” regardless) who almost makes a painfully dull session bearable.


My goal is to write a post a week. Some will be mercifully (for all of us) short, others quite a bit more involved. I’ve written at this pace before and don’t see why I shouldn’t continue that practice.

The won’t

Let’s examine the obvious: I work for a software vendor and you’re reading my blog on said technology. What possible conflict of interest could there be? I’m going to approach this the way any moderately sane geek would: I will highlight techniques, I will discuss workarounds, I will revel in hacks, I will share information.

OMG, he’s going negative

What I will not do is play the “my tool does this, your tool doesn’t even come close, therefore you lose and I win” game for more than a few reasons.

One, it would strain credulity of even the most credulous. One whiff of technology partisanship makes everything I write suspect.

Two, it’s not who I am. I’m a technologist, not an industry analyst. If you want that kind of information, go read Gartner.

Three, I’m not purposely putting myself in the crosshairs of powerful companies (many of them containing my friends) by setting myself up as Public Geek Enemy No. 1 of InsertEnormousCompanyNameHere or anyone else for that matter.

Four, it insults your intelligence. You’re amongst the Best and Brightest and will quickly suss out if I’m telling a porky.

Fifth, it’s boring. I hate games. I won’t play them. This blog won’t be party to them.

No, wait, he’s not

Whew, that’s a lot of “I won’ts” but it’ll be the last explicit mention of them. Seriously, I’m here to learn and share and hack and nothing more. I’m looking forward to it and hope that you are as well. Whatever choice or decision or opinion you have about any technology will be arrived at through your reasoned and thoughtful consideration. I want to be part of that discussion and can only do so if you trust me.

One other thing, and it’s important

In case the above hasn’t made things obvious, this is my blog, not OneStream’s. By that I mean: if I tell you the most horribly wrong thing in the world and it blows your OneStream XF installation higher than a kite, it’s not OneStream Software’s fault; it’s mine. Seriously, you’re getting all of this for free, I’m just one person, there are many ways to peel a banana, and no one’s checking any of this for accuracy but Yours Truly. Be happily surprised if whatever I write, works. Don’t be mad (cf. the bit about this being free) if things go pear-shaped, tits up, dead, dead, dead if you use what I write and it all ends in tears. You Have Been Warned.

A note about wrongness – if you spot something beyond dumb, let me know. I’ll fix the post and give you credit.

And that’s the end for now

There will be a slight gap between the writing of this blog and my first few blog posts because of ramping up to the super basics but check back for more. I use Twitter to announce posts so follow me on @CameronLackpour.

Be seeing you.