Why I do what I do when it comes to blogging

Why I do what I do do do

Do you know why I write endless drivel try to contribute something to the CPM/EPM world through the-very-best-social-media-this-Gen-Xer-can-come-up-with?

This is LinkedIn message is why:


This, this, this is why I’ve spent thousands (yes, really, even if to little positive effect) of hours over the last 10+ years on the web. Only this. And trying to figure out how to do something and have an earthly chance of remembering how I did it whatever “it” might be. So, two things, but the former is much more gratifying even if it’s the latter that keeps me employed.

Dear Anonymized Reader, thank you so much for this. The thought that my ramblings have helped anyone, ever, is incredibly gratifying.

Destroying stereotypes

In case you wonder why Yr. Hmbl. & Mst. Obt. Svt. hasn’t identified the writer of this LinkedIn note, said writer really does exist and is a Millennial who isn’t 100% comfortable with public exposure on Al Gore’s Greatest Invention. A complete implosion (complete role reversal really) of stereotypes between the two of us although I have been assured that $12 avocado toasts are part of that millennial’s standard fare.

For the record, I think they’re pretty yummy as well, especially with egg and tomato on multigrain.

Just one small mistake

Dear Anon, while it may seem churlish in light of your truly very welcome comments, you got one bit wrong: I’m in both the Oracle space as well as the OneStream space.

First this:

And then this:

And back again, rinse and repeat.

It’s a multiproduct world in which I shall live in both camps (which is in fact where I took these timeless snapshots). I also get to have even more water bottles if I add another product line so long as my brain doesn’t throw a rod trying to figure it all out.

Thanks again

So, Gentle Reader Who Shall Not Be Named, you can look forward to (or dread) more Oracle EPM posts as well as other products. Who knows, some of them might even be right.

Seriously, thank you again – what you wrote means a lot and it’s that sort of feedback that keeps me going.

Be seeing you.


One thought on “Why I do what I do when it comes to blogging

  1. What a heart-warming message. You have similarly impacted several people within both the Oracle and OneStream world. Maybe the two can have a symbiotic relationship in your new, combined life. Although, I can’t resist pointing out that the OneStream bottle looks nicer. 😁😛 just kidding. They are just like their represented softwares, each individually beneficial for their own unique reasons.

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