OpenWorld 2019, live blog, part the zeroeth and first

Zero? One?

Every good(ish) geek knows the difference between zero and one based numbering systems. Said geek also knows that Powers That Be flip between them, seemingly arbitrarily. When I want to fool mathheads/real programmers, I use a zero-based convention. When I interact with normies, I use one.

Said geek also knows that different conversations and contexts seem to drive usage in a seemingly arbitrary way. I flip between the two contextually:  when I want to fool mathheads/real programmers into thinking I have a brain, I use a zero-based convention. When I interact with normies, I use one as my starting point.

In this case, I’m using both. Unpossible! In fact all of this falderal means is that I’m combining yesterday’s pretty-much-arrive-in-San-Francisco-at-OpenWorld and EPM partner meeting with an ongoing live stream today and, with luck, every day.

I can’t tell you much (actually, nothing) about yesterday’s partner meeting, but I can share with you this list of sessions Oracle recommended to us. Also, as a bonus you get the top of someone’s head. Lucky whoever that may be.

Many of these sessions are already full, but if not and you’re at OOW, check them out.

I’ve got to go eat breakfast so that’s all for now. Fascinating content I know for all of you but I promise it’ll improve over the day.

Be seeing you.

Update the first. Wait, the zeroeth?

^^^Zeroeth? Who knew that was a word? Writing (so long as writing consists of hoary old maxims and idiomatic speech with a soupçon of relevant technology) seems to be my metier which is an awfully good thing ‘cos my technical abilities, as I acknowledge in the deepest darkest part of the night as I stare at the ceiling in abject despair is Not Terribly Good I enjoy it.

Here’s what I’m thinking about, assuming I get in. Everyone’s bright eyed and bushy tailed on the first day before the inevitable toll of cocktail parties take.

I’ll try to truly live update via my Twitter account: @CameronLackpour.

Essbase après lunch

My besties (well, I consider them that although I’m not quite sure what they think of me – best not to know) Natalie Delemar and Tim German met for lunch – how I wish Loving Hut was near The City of Brotherly Love and then off to the 19c Essbase lab.

Essbase 19c is LIVE!

A bit of news: Essbase 19c came out this Saturday past. It’s on the Marketplace and is a BYOL (bring your own license). Huzzah!

A couple of snapshots for your perusal

They are almost anticlimactic after the above.

The replacement of EAS that looks like EAS. Great design spans decades (seriously, I think 2007 was EAS’ debut):

Excel? SmartView? Maybe, maybe not.

Query tracing

OMG. That’s sort of big news. More to come.

More big news

Essbase 19c is targeted for the middle of next calendar year!

Be seeing you.

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