A Change In The Weather

There’ll be a change in the weather and a change in the sea, From now on there’ll be a change in me  

Some of you have heard the rumor and reacted with delight (scarcely believable but possible), others have heard and recoiled in horror (arguably correctly), and the vast majority of the 42 or so people who read this blog haven’t heard and if they did wouldn’t care (definitely the right reaction) but regardless the change is upon us. Or me.

What Cameron, what oh what oh what is the change?

I’m   gonna   change my way of   livin  ’, And if that   ain’t   enough, I’m   gonna   change the way I strut my stuff

The change is I’ll no longer work (and write and present and whatever else I do – send letters care of this address if you’ve figured that out ‘cos I haven’t) with just one technology. It’s a multiproduct CPM (or EPM if you prefer) world and for me at least to stick with just one approach to solving problems simply isn’t enough.

In the past it was Arbor-Hyperion-Oracle, then OneStream, and it will now be about both. And there may be more.

Some would argue that this wider scope simply means that I can be bad in more than one product but such are the fortunes of war.

My walk will be different, my talk and my name

There are other changes afoot, viz. I now work for MindStream Analytics as the planning-with-a-small-p Practice Lead. Even more stunningly (stunning? Whatever), my younger-taller-smarter-better-looking-brother-from-totally-different-parents, aka Celvin Kattokaran, is– technically speaking – working for me. I will share with you that some of my closest comrades and friends have reacted to this with a snort that variously represents derision, disbelief, and quite possibly despair.

At least my mother said it was a nice thing.

There’ll be some changes made today

No matter, Celvin and I are going to do great things, much of which you, Gentle Reader, will benefit from (we will try to save a bit for our actual paying clients). Seriously, we have some really cool stuff up our sleeve. Watch our blogs and other media (ermagwad that’s a hint) for more in the nearest of near futures.

This Gibraltar will not crumble

Is  Francis Albert wrong? Will The Very Essence of Cameron crumble like  The Rock? No, not  the modern one, this one: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-dLES7hjtuGM/TjHAcRk9CfI/AAAAAAAABuA/qF9WAHgkk9k/s1600/barnaclebill.jpg


I’ll still be known as Yr. Obt. Svt. and probably a few more choice and NSFW terms that I thankfully have not as yet heard. This blog will continue in a manner similar to my  Old Blog. Twitter will be (well, this one has gone away a bit but I’ve started it back up) in shipshape fashion. In other words: All Present and Correct.

Totes obvs,  what isn’t going to be a change in is my excruciating wonderful written voice. Imagine how I have to tone it down when writing work-related emails. Or with people who have the dubious pleasure don’t yet have the honor of knowing me. Sorry, but them’s the facts.

What’s also not going to change is my commitment to you, Gentle Reader: you’ll get the Truth About CPM (or EPM take your pick) and nothing else.

Everything’s Coming Up Roses 

I am superduperwhooper excited about all of this: my so-called career now reflects the changing face of C/EPM, I’m working with Brother Celvin, I’m working for a consulting company that really, really, really gets it, and I shall be focusing on the cool outreach stuff that I pretty much live for. That last bit’s sad but, why try to change me now.

But wait there’s more

I am  GOING TO KSCOPE . Finally.  Great googly-moogly, I missed that conference. Am I speaking? Amazingly, yes:

As in years past, I’ll be live blogging this as well as live Tweeting (follow me on  @CameronLackpour) and heaven help us, even video out on Periscope (it’ll show up on Twitter).

Be seeing you.

2 thoughts on “A Change In The Weather

  1. Your departure from Onestream shocked me. I’m a Onestream believer and will soon to be a Onestream customer. I’m a little nervous that I may be in the wrong path… Well we can only wait to find out more from your dual single /multiple EPM perspectives in the coming years.

    1. LeAnn,

      There’s no reason (hopefully) to be shocked. I hope. I’m working on a OneStream blog post right now on more than anyone would ever want to know about why a Version dimension in OneStream is a Bad Idea. I’m also working on a blog post about Oracle’s Cloud Customer Connect. It’s a multiproduct world that we live in and I’m not leaving either one.

      Have a read of this post to give you a flavor of my hoped-for future: http://thetruthaboutcpm.com/2019/07/22/why-i-do-what-i-do-when-it-comes-to-blogging/



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