Voting for the 2020-2021 ODTUG BoD

Ooooh, looky-loo

Yes, I really do read my emails across my seven addresses although in this case 10 days late per the date of this email.  Regardless I am finally getting round to doing more than skimming my email. Upon actually applying myself, lo and behold, I see that I can and should vote for the ODTUG BoD.

Did I? Did I? I did not, M’lud, but I plead working 15 hour days, eating in gas stations ‘cos that’s the only thing open near the hotel (no, no sushi or pizza but instead these guys who are alas not as good as these guys but still aren’t half bad) in the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, and, mostly, the laziness I am well known for.

Laziness mixed with a soupçon of procrastination led to this:

Ah bugger, didn’t vote then either as it came two days ago and I have yet to act.

I am voting because:

  1. I was extrememly active in ODTUG (presented, was on the BoD myself and yes somehow ODTUG survived that so totes obvs it’s a strong organization), was away for a year or two, and am back albeit not at the same level – I’ve had my time in the sun. Regardless of activity level, I very much do care about the makeup of the board as it rather unsurprisingly impacts what ODTUG does. What do you want ODTUG to do today and in the future? What do you want Oracle to do today and in the future? What you want to do in the Oracle space today and in the future? Vote for who you think will best reflect your needs.
  2. Clique? I had this levelled at me when I was on the board and it stung because I believe that there aren’t many groups more inclusive than ODTUG. Don’t believe me? Look at ODTUG’s outreach in conferences, continuing education, meetups, communities…the list goes on and on. What after all is the purpose of ODTUG? Put simply it is an organization dedicated to professionally help you in the Oracle space. The only way it can do that is if you are involved which by the by includes voting. How is that cliquish?
  3. I was the ODTUG Secretary (remember how happy I was that I didn’t personally KABOOM ODTUG – not mere hyperbole) and I was responsible (YCC actually ran them, I officially presided over them) for elections. The above email is correct – these elections can be tight. Your vote may be the tiebreaker.

Who’s running?

Some people you know, some you don’t, all are worthy of your consideration.

Vote for the man or the woman who you think will best represent your interests and needs.

You have up to five votes. Some people vote for their favorites, others calculate voting-for-this-one-but-not-that-one-means-that-he’ll-make-it-because-she-won’t as is their wont. Yr. Obt. Svt. is too simpleminded for political machinations. Vote as you wish. I will.

Who can vote?

An ODTUG member whose dues are paid and up to date as of 30 September 2019, namely me.

That’s it.

And voting itself? Simply click here.

Okey-dokey, let’s vote

Put in my member number and email address.

Let’s proceed with the proceedings. Yes, my dues are all paid up.

Vote away, but with a confirmation first.

And I’m done.


You should vote

I care about ODTUG. I care about what it is and what it will be. I care about my future.

Vote. I did.

Be seeing you.

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